Dance and Baton

Ballet and tap classes are designed for a developing dancer. Dancers will continue to develop their ballet form, terminology, and pose while also gaining the rhythm, timing and coordination from tap. The instructor uses both modern and classical music to keep the class fun and joyful while emphasizing proper dance terminology.

Baton twirling develops hand-eye coordination, bilateral thinking, poise, balance, ambidexterity and endurance. Besides learning one-baton, two-baton, flag, hoop, dance-twirl routines, students also learn marching and modeling skills.

Twirlers will perform in the Fallbrook and Escondido Holiday Parade, Escondido Grape Days Parade, a variety of Street Fairs and in the Escondido 4th of July Fireworks Celebration. Optional recreation competitions are available.

Hip hop classes consist of warm-ups and across the floor exercises as well as a variety of combinations and modern dance moves. This dance style is primarily danced to Hip Hop music or music that has evolved as part of Hip Hop culture. Our policy includes age appropriate lyrics and modesty on every level.